About Us

Startup Funding Club is a leading organisation in the UK’s early stage investment world that provides seed capital and support to promising British startups. By combining our award-winning angel syndicate with our own seed investment funds, we have created a unique model that allows business angels to invest in high-potential startups either directly or through a diversified portfolio approach curated and managed by our team.
Stephen Page

A veteran of the software industry, Stephen has founded and exited a number of software companies including DataEase - a global DBMS company - and Sapphire, Inc. - an emergency management software. He founded Startup Funding Club in 2012 and is in charge of company direction and investment strategy of SFC's funds. He is also involved in supporting portfolio companies by providing them with strategic advice. 

01Our track record


Winner of the Best Innovation & Rising Star Award by the EIS Association


SFC becomes an Official Partner of the London Co-Investment Fund


Winner of the Best Angel Syndicate Award at the Growth Investor Awards


The first seed fund fully managed by SFC – the SFC Angel Fund – opens for investment


Winner of the Lead Syndicate of the Year Award by UKBAA


20+ investments out of 2,000+ reviewed opportunities per year


100+ investments closed, including major British growth stories


The first SFC seed fund opens for investment


The angel syndicate makes its first investments


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