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We’ve consistently grown quarter on quarter for 5 quarters in a row and reached an annualised run rate of £1.5m. We’re highly capital efficient with £312k annualised EBITDA. Our growth is accelerating - increasing from 4% to 35% quarter on quarter. We now have a unique opportunity that will enable us to achieve up to a £31.1m revenue run rate by the end of 2021/22 and continue to grow from there. We are seeking £350k investment to launch FormBox Pro and unlock this growth. The rise in e-commerce and shortening of supply chains means the time to address the desktop manufacturing market is now. We have established and grown a scalable sales organisation. We understand which levers we need to pull to drive growth. Our marketing engine is driven by user generated content, accelerated by working with influencers to create shareable content. This has driven our drastic reduction in cost of customer acquisition.\ We can 20x sales in 2 years by growing our sales team and launching the FormBox Pro. A patentable new technology that will quadruple the LTV of our core market. Setting Mayku up to 10x again with the launch of the desktop factory. Our ecosystem of machines, consumables and services bringing the power of the factory to the tabletop. We’re raising £350k to bring FormBox Pro to market.
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